Friday, May 5, 2017

My social issue

My social issue is all about children in war. Some of the countries that we are fighting with have recrutied children to fight with them. The reason that I think that this could be a social issue is because they are still to young to fight. When children see things that can harm them, they can be hurt in the brain, what I mean is that if they see someone get killed or a huge explosion, they might keep on seeing that moment for the rest of his/her life. This is usually called flashbacks. The reason that would be bad is because sometimes they think its real and they act if t were and they might hurt someone.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Social Issues

        Social issues are very bad, but sometimes they can be good. My social issue is all about war, yes most people do not want war, but sometimes it is necessary. WWII, filled with gruesome killings, gas bombs, concentration camps, Adolf Hitler, fierce warrior. He was the leader of the Nazis, Hitler would capture and put Jewish people through rigorous torture. Before we killed Hitler, he thought of making a museum of a extinct species, Jews, we had to kill him to end this war, this war was the end of so many towns, it took place in over 13 places, finally after a long cold war, Hitler finally died by committing suicide in his underground bunker.

        The next battle we are going to is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Known as the bloodiest war, also as the engagement of the american civil war, this war began July 1, 1863, I have found out that 2 massive colonies have collided, causing the Gettysburg war. The reason they called it the bloodiest war is because it was! There was blood everywhere you would go onto the battlefield, this war lasted for a few years after ending abruptly. The reason that this war was caused is because of the two colonies fighting, if they hadn't started fighting, there wouldn't be any reason of fighting.

         WWI, the war to end all wars, the reason that this war had started is because it was supposed to end all of the world wars. Although that this war was not the war to end all of them, it was still a good push to do so. This war was a long fought war. Sometimes people would die from random small wounds because they had no body to treat them and they got infected, resulting in death. But maybe from time around, everybody  will make peace and maybe, end all of the world wars!


Monday, March 6, 2017

     Some of the things that I didn't know about this sport was that, people spend for than 1 billion on bait alone a year and recreational fishermen spend about 41.5 billion a year to fish (this helps out the economy a lot). Also, fishermen spend 300 million on ice a year. Through license sales and excise taxes on equipment, hunters and anglers pay for most fish and wildlife conservation programs. Hunters and anglers also support more jobs than all of the Wal-Marts in the world combined. Over one quarter of anglers are female.

    The biggest fish every caught was by a guy on the native Australian beach when he caught a 2,664 pound great white shark on 130 lb line. The biggest bass ever caught was a 25 lb largemouth bass, this bass was caught and put back in the water on 2003, then caught it again 2006, weighing 4 more pounds then what he had caught it from before. The fastest fish was seen in the Florida Keys and went from 0 mph to 60 in 2.6 seconds!!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Should Solar Energy Replace All of The Energy Sources We Have?

No, I do not think we should do that, mainly for the reason that some people can not afford the solar panels, if the people can't afford the panels, people would not be able to heat their homes, cook food, or even watch TV! Yes, if we do replace energy producers with solar panels it would save the earth from a lot of pollution, that's one of the reasons why people want solar panels, if we do use solar panels, just imagine how much money and effort that would take just to get 1 country to be able to actually use the solar panels! If Russia was the starting place of the solar panels, it would take so long just for that whole country to finish. Some people may want this but really, they only think about the Earth, not by how people will feel after this job is done.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gaming, Plus what I was doing over the last two weeks!

          So, I have not published anything for a while, this is because I was gone for two weeks! I was in South Carolina, Georgia, Chicago, North Carolina, and North Dakota! The things that I did on this trip were, go fishing, go to shops everywhere we were, eat, sleep, do butterfly knife tricks, and some other things. The reason that I went is because my family wanted to go on vacation. Sometimes when I went fishing, I almost got something.

            With gaming, the game that im playing right now is GTA5, this game is a game where you try to live a life of crime, hence the name, Grand Theft Auto 5! One of the other games that I like to play is Minecraft, sometimes ill play this but not a lot, but when I do, I make a lot of houses and stuff like that! The reason that I like to play games is because I can talk and play with my friends. When me and my friends met, I asked them if they had an Xbox 360? They said that they did, we played the game MW3 for like 3 or 4 years! Gaming in my friendships is a big factor.

             The way that I like to play games is very competitive, what I mean by this is that when im playing something like Black Ops 3, I rush to the other side of the map to get the first kill, or just to go on a streak. I highly recommend you play games, mainly for the reason of that you get very fast reflexes. Sometimes when im chewing gum, it will fall out of my mouth when im not paying attention, then I will react to catch it very fast, once when I was at lunch in school, I dropped my fork my accident and not looking I caught it instantly. You guys are probably wondering, why do you want fast reflexes, the reason for this is because if someone would throw something at you, you can just move and catch it or to dodge it to not get hit, during the winter, my friend threw a snowball at me and I heard his jacket move, I just dropped to the ground so it didn't hit me and I dodged it, they were pretty astonished!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Abstract Noun

My abstract noun that im choosing is going to be "happiness". This word is abstract because it is not physical like growth or swell, this word can be talked about and felt but it cant be shown besides a smile or actions. The reason that it is not concrete is because it cant be felt. What I mean by this is that you cant feel it physically, you can't just hold happiness in you hand.

The reason that I chose this word is because I thought of it as the way i like to make people feel. I like to make people feel happy and make there day! The way that I could use this in my daily life is by walking up to someone and making them happy then they would go make someone else happy then everybody would try to make everybody else happy so everybody would have a good day and that is want makes me happy!

Source, that I have found this observation from is,
The evidence that I have is that I think that happiness happens when something is funny, or feeling good inside, not anything else. This person said that happiness can happen at any moment, as I read on, it seemed more true, sometimes when people get hurt they start laughing!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Who helps the community in Milbank the most?

I feel like the mayor helps out the people in the town because he tries to keep everything in order. One of the most things that I believe in is that people help the other people in the community to live life, what I mean by this is that people help people that are in need here, if you are needing of assistance, a friends or someone will come over to you and help you do whatever you need to be done so it can be easier for you to live life!

Another thing that I think that helps out the community is the people that work and work to try to get money and go to serve their families and when they go to get groceries, that is helping the community by giving money to the store, letting them improve, if they renovate the place they will get more people which means more money to them then they can get more of what the people want so more people will come and even more money will be earned. Just to cut to the chase, I think that people help people in need and that's what I think makes a good community!!